The Meteorite biome is an unusual biome found when a Shadow Orb is destroyed. There have been occurrences of meteorites landing without the smashing of the orb though. Meteorites are made out of Meteorite Ore, which burns to the touch causing damage unless an item called the Obsidian Skull is equipped. Meteorite Ore can be used to make Meteorite tools and Meteorite armor. After a shadow orb is broken, you will eventually see a message on the screen saying a meteorite has landed. Multiple meteors can be found in the world at the same time.

When a player gets close to a meteorite, a mob called Meteor Heads will spawn, and the music will change to the unique music of the meteor. Meteor Heads will attack you relentlessly when you are excavating the meteor ore, but in the proper position, you can bat them away while mining the ore. When most of the meteor is destroyed, the Meteor Heads will stop spawning, and the music will change back to normal.

Sticky Bombs and Dynamite are very useful when mining a meteorite. Dynamite destroys a large area of ore, making it very efficient. The explosion will kill most of the Meteor Heads that are in your way. Sticky Bombs are also great, because you can choose the area of detonation, but the explosion won't be as big.

[edit] Notes

-Meteor Heads have a 2.00% chance of dropping Meteorite Ore.

-Be careful to only use one explosive at a time, and collect the ore before throwing another explosive. Throwing multiple bombs or dynamite will destroy most of the ore, leaving a lot less for pickup.

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