Guide: Getting started

[edit] Just Starting: An Overview

You start off in the world at your default spawn point, which is situated at the center of the surface world.

Your inventory includes nothing but a Copper Pickaxe, Copper Shortsword, and Copper Axe.

Pickaxes are used to mine blocks of minerals and sediment, such as Dirt, Stone, Copper Ore etc.

Hammers are used to knock out Walls, knock down certain placed items such as Torches, Wooden Platforms, turn platforms into stairs, etc.

Axes are used for chopping down Trees and Cacti.

A common problem new players have is using the Hotbar. This is the bar that is always at the top of the screen and has 10 blocks numbered 1 through 0. You can select these boxes either by pressing the number on your keyboard that corresponds to the box, using a mousewheel, or by manually left-clicking on it. Pressing Escape brings you to the inventory which fills up as you pick up items in the world. Many items in the world stack (stacks are either in sets 99 or 250). In order to place an object that can be placed in the world (Such as the Workbench or a Torch), you must put it in one of the hotbar slots and select it while the game is playing (you cannot do it while browsing your inventory). Once selected, you can left-click on an appropriate spot within range of your character to place it.

[edit] Just Starting: Playing the Game

In the beginning you will want to avoid traveling too far from your spawn point, and would especially want to avoid getting close to Corruption or Crimson. Instead you should focus on making a safe haven out of wood, a Workbench to place in it, and a door. It is advised to stay inside the house and keep the door closed at night, as Zombies and Demon eyes become active and seek out the player.

You should also try getting enough material to make a sword (A Wooden Broadsword is easiest, as wood is plentiful on the surface and you only need 7). If you're fortunate, you might spot some Copper Ore on or near the surface of the world and if you do, make the Broadsword out of that. It is a matter of personal preference, but by and large you should avoid making Shortswords as they are only short range piercing weapons and provide no rear or overhead cover from enemy attacks.

Once you're comfortable with the combat in the world (Practice your techniques out on Slimes), you should start digging belowground. You should do this near your base so if you die you won't have too far to go to get back. You should also use some of the spare wood you have to make platforms in order to get back up, otherwise you would be forced to dig your way back up again to return to your base. Don't forget to make Torches from wood and Gel you got from killing Slimes. Without torches you won't be able to see anything underground unless it glows on its own.

On the surface and underground (especially in larger caverns) you will find Pots. These can hold various consumable resources like bombs, wooden arrows as well as Coins. You may run into a Chest. Chests at the top level of the underground are regular wooden chests and contain low level loot, but early on in the game they are valuable resources. You can also pick up the chest by 'breaking' it with the hammer once you empty it out. Chests can be placed on any flat surface and used to store your extra stuff. You should place a chest at your House to make it easier to get to.

It is best to not descend further than the Caverns until you are geared enough for that. You will face stronger enemies as you go deeper. Also, you might end up in a different Biome. Every new character spawns in the Forest Biome, which is one of the most safe. There are also a Snow Biome, a Desert Biome, and a Jungle Biome. And each world has an extremely hostile Biome, as well: either Corruption or Crimson. Each of those has an underground version, which is more dangerous than the surface. And deeper than underground Biomes is Hell.

Later on when you have enough Copper Ore or (if possible) Iron Ore or better, you can make a Furnace to make Ingots which you can then turn into Armor at a Workbench to attach to your character for extra defense (and Set Bonuses), and higher tier armors tend to have secondary effects in addition to defense. Be sure to put the armor into the Armor Slot in the menu, instead of the Vanity Items slot.

As you fulfill various conditions, you will eventually gain NPCs that move into Houses (or large enough and well equipped rooms within the houses) and provide various functions. The Nurse will heal your wounds for a price, while the Merchant will sell you some stuff and allow you to sell things to him. The first NPC to move into the first house you make is the Guide. Prior to version 1.0.6 the Nurse was particularly valuable since you did not automatically regenerate health over time without the use of a Band of Regeneration. A nurse is still useful for saving time by making it so you don't have to wait for your health to regenerate. The nurse can also heal negative status effects. The more NPCs live in or near your house, the less enemies will approach it.

For beginner potions, you can make a Lesser Healing Potion by combining 1 Bottle with 1 Mushroom and 2 Gel. It will restore 50 health. As of 1.0.6 you will have to wait a full minute before you can drink another healing potion.

Also, by collecting 10 Fallen Stars you can combine them wherever you are to make a Mana Crystal which will provide you with 20 Mana once you consume it. Fallen Stars are found only at night when they crash to the surface at random locations. If you run into a Crystal Heart underground, smash it with a Hammer and you can then eat the resulting Life Crystal to gain 20 more health points. After 400 total health and 200 total Mana the respective crystals will provide no further boosts. Unlike Life Crystals though, Fallen Stars have further uses as Ammo or Crafting Material.

Once you craft the best armor and weapon you can, you may try your hand at defeating Bosses. The Eye of Cthulhu is usually the first boss the players encounter. It drops ore necessary for crafting armor and weapons, but you would need other items for that. Those items are Shadow Scales or Tissue Samples, depending on whether your world has Corruption or Crimson. Those drop from special bosses of those two biomes: the Eater of Worlds and the Brain of Cthulhu.

With new armor, weapons and pickaxe you may descend into Hell to gather materials for Molten Armor, as well as Hellstone weapons and a pickaxe. Be careful when you kill the Voodoo Demons. They carry the Guide Voodoo Dolls, and may drop those into lava when they die, summoning a special boss. After getting new gear, prepare for another bossfight. Go back to Hell and build a road over the lava. Obtain a Guide Voodoo Doll and head to the center of the map (horizontally). Once you drop the doll into lava, the Wall of Flesh will appear. After you defeat it, you will trigger the Hardmode, and this is when the game begins.

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