Giant Worm

Giant Worm Head
Type Burrowing Enemy
ID 10
Environment Cavern
AI 6 (Worm AI)
Damage 8
Defense 0
Max Life 30
Knockback Resist 100%
Coins 40 Copper Coin
Amount Item Chance
1 Whoopie Cushion 1:100
1 Worm Banner 1:200
Giant Worm Body
ID 11
Damage 4
Defense 4
Giant Worm Tail
ID 12
Damage 4
Defense 6

The Giant Worm is a worm-like enemy similar to the Devourer, found in the Underground Cavern. Like all worms, any piercing weapons work great against it. The drops will be left wherever the head was when it died, which may require the player to mine to get to it.

The Giant Worm will not be found in a Hardmode world. Instead, the Digger can be found.

[edit] History

  • Can now drop the Worm Banner.
  • 1.1:
    • All segments now share a life counter.
    • No longer appears after Hardmode is activated.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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