Type NPC
Environment Town

The Clothier will only appear once you have defeated Skeletron and therefore freed the Old Man from his curse. The Old Man is the Clothier. Once you have defeated Skeletron the Clothier will soon move into a vacant house if you have one. The Clothier will sell you a variety of Vanity Items and also Black Dye.

[edit] Items

Item Cost
Black Dye 1 GOLD
Summer Hat 1 GOLD
Plumber's Shirt 25 GOLD
Plumber's Pants 25 GOLD
Familiar Shirt 1 GOLD
Familiar Pants 1 GOLD
Familiar Wig 1 GOLD
The Doctor's Shirt 20 GOLD
The Doctor's Pants 20 GOLD
Mime Mask 2 GOLD
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